Unless. It’s a conjunction. Also, a word found in our favorite bedtime story (we’re going back several years). It challenges us to find solutions, and compels us to do well by doing good.

While we’re on the subject of grammar, we have a few nouns (or values) that keep us grounded and moving in the right direction – authenticity, curiosity, integrity, simplicity and compassion.

As a purpose-driven company, it is not enough for us to create campaigns to benefit our client’s causes. We will donate a portion of our annual revenue to causes that encourage children to read. We want them to discover their own word or story that inspires them for a lifetime.

Darren Sudman, CEO

Darren Sudman, CEO

Darren began his career as a lawyer in 1995 when words like sustainability and corporate responsibility were not used (neither were monetize and touch base, thankfully). There was public interest and nonprofit. After spending a little time in each, he joined America Online and saw what happens when a company embraces philanthropy. The Helping Hands Initiative partnered with celebrities to use the AOL shopping platform to raise millions of dollars for charity.

A few years later, Darren got to implement a corporate giving campaign at Advanta. The KivaB4B program encouraged small business credit card holders to support entrepreneurs around the world by offering a match. This campaign wove together the story of Advanta’s founder and Kiva’s mission.

In 2005, Darren’s professional path took a sharp turn. His second child, Simon, died suddenly and unexpectedly from an undetected heart condition. He and his wife co-founded Simon’s Heart, an organization to prevent sudden cardiac arrest and death in children, teens and young adults. After running it as a volunteer on nights and weekends, Darren became CEO in 2012.

Under Darren’s leadership, Simon’s Heart created a youth heart screening program; authored and advocated for a law to protect students athletes in fourteen states; built a digital registry to promote pediatric heart research; launched a crowdfunding website for distributing AED devices into places where kids learn and play; produced award-winning educational videos and awareness campaigns; introduced a CPR experience using balls and music; and created cause marketing partnerships with companies and collegiate and professional sports teams.

Darren attended The Ohio State University, Capital Law and Graduate Center and Arcadia University. He is currently an adjunct professor at Villanova University.